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Interview with Fiona Newton - Founder of the Fitzroy Market

A little bit about Fiona:

- Fitzroy resident for 20 years.

- Founder of Fitzroy Market, 2010-2019

- Favourite cafe: Stagger Lee's, Brunswick Street

- Favourite local park: Edinburgh Gardens


1. What’s your favourite part about Collingwood as a suburb? My favourite part about Fitzroy/Collingwood and this whole area in general would have to be the amazing café culture! My favourite café is Stagger Lee's!

2. Do you have a favourite park in Collingwood/surrounding suburbs? Edinburgh Gardens is my favourite park to enjoy!

Photo credit: Fitzroy Market

3. How much time do you spend outside? I spend a lot of time outdoors - that's what's so special about this area, you always want to get out and about and enjoy what the community has on offer.

4. Would you like to spend more time outside in your local area, other than on the shopping strips? Yes I would. If there were more urban spaces available I would most definitely use them with my son.

5. What does this campaign mean to you? A campaign like this will help create a more sustainable community. Creating more liveable spaces is so important & I'm very much on board.

6. What would you like to see in a new public space in Collingwood? As a market owner, I can definitely see an open space in Oxford Street hosting weekend markets. But I would also like to see any new local public spaces be a safe place to take our children and also provide opportunities for people to engage in outdoor activities.

7. Living in the area, do you prefer to walk or drive places that are within reach? I walk everywhere – that's what I love about the area. Whether your destination be the supermarket, swimming pool, cafe, shops, or even the city - you can pretty much walk everywhere!

8. What do you think about re-locating the car parks for our proposal for Oxford Street? It would be a challenge – parking is already a struggle in the area as we all know however if it was me living in Oxford Street, I would be on board as long as I was presented with convenient and rational car parking solutions.

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